Ann Goodwin Kerr has been repairing, mending and darning, for over 50 years, transforming her brother’s jeans into her personalised ‘hippie’ jeans. She watched her grandmother darn socks and then carried on the adage “make do and mend” .

In today’s world mending is ‘ecological’ and ‘ethical’, helping to reduce clothing consumption. You can also embrace the enjoyment of stitching much loved and well worn items of clothing, giving them a ‘second life’ or repurposing clothing into a completely new item.

In this class you will learn the stitches and methods to mend or darn, exploring the creative side to what was once considered a chore.

Please bring 1. an item of clothing to be repaired, patches and/or a suitable fabric of similar weight and strength. 2 A thimble  3. 100% cotton thread and/or embroidery thread or darning wool.


Spaces remaining: 5/8

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Booking page
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